Bats All Folks!

Sue Neill

11 October 2003 19:27

greetings from Gotham

Hi!  Greetings from Gotham
Hope all is well down there, things must be quietening a bit, you have been for a walk. I have been very busy flogging stuff on E-Bay thought it could be a new hobby to while away the dark nights, 'everyone else' says how easy it is and that you make loads of money, but oh no   .......hellish experience, every loony in the world e mailing me with questions, numerous visits to the post office the whole village probably thinks I am having an affair with the local postmaster I am  there so often   got well ripped off - can't go into details as the CID are involved. Another little money-making avenue of pleasure has been firmly closed. Didn't think it out too well - sold a load of old Batman annuals circa 1970's and I live here.........expecting to come home from Asda next week to a shrine    Anyway my St Ives question.........what has happened to Mr Peggertys I spent some very happy hours there when I was about 15, (course I'm eighteen) dancing round my handbag. Its probably an upmarket tapas bar or some foul nightclub called one word like Evolution, or Ocean I just know I looked for it last year and couldn't find it.   Take care of yourself in them there kitchens   Sue

Vile Jelly

12 October 2003 09:22

Far be it for me to mock your misfortune but, as David Beckham would mumble, it's too good an opportunity to miss! What did you expect trying to flog Batrobilia in Gotham City? Everyone knows you can't have Batman without robbin'!
Sorry, the RT just hoofed me in a vulnerable spot for that one.
Well, I hope the CID manages to rid the streets of Acquiredpork (or your e-bay account at least) of crime. Mind you, it would be a first for them!
Pegs is no more and hasn't been for some time. Much to the relief of the already besieged residents of the area it is now a nothing whatsoever and all the riff-raff have to go to the Isotope at t'other end of town for their late night parties and punch-ups.

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