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Tom Woodworth

14 October 2003 16:04

New Years Music


I like your site!!

My friends and I are planning to stay in St Ives over the new year period and we also happen to be a professional covers band, specialising in material from disco through to contemporary classics - shamelessly commercial, but with a strong funk influence and we keep out of the realms of the dreaded student disco. As we were down on holiday, it occurred to us that it would be fun to do a gig down there, either on new years eve or around then.

We would be very appreciative if you could suggest any venues or organisations who may be looking for a band. Our website is www.BathCoverBands.com and we can provide a demo on CD if required.

Thank you for your time

Tom Woodworth

Vile Jelly

14 October 2003 16:29

Well, you can probably forget New Year's Eve itself as most places just remove anything removable (furniture, fixtures & fittings, entertainment!) to make more space for the drinkers.

That said the most common venues for a spot of muzak seem to be the Lifeboat Inn, the Western (inc. Kettle 'n' Wink) and the Pool Club. I'd have thunk that they'd have made bookings for NY by now but you never know.

I would certainly suggest getting in touch with the Lifeboat first which does stuff all year round so hopefully should be able to give you a far better introduction to the scene and maybe some decent info/contacts. Try them some time on 01736 794123.

Got to head back to the Slave Pits now but I definitely think you should try and tap up someone at the Lifeboat or the Western (01736 795277) to get some dirt on the local music mafia!


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