Thank Heaven For Little Ghouls?

Janet Bentley

31 October 2003 07:51

How spooky is spooky

Dear Mr Jelly,
                As your web site is called spooky St Ives, does anything particularly spooky happen on Hallowe'en? Do the RT go Trick or Treating or do they just run off with your wallet?

                I was wondering what St Ives is like at this time of year. As the ever-growing sprog is still at school, we are stuck with school holidays (he started the 6th form this year - so not stuck with school hols for much longer - Hurrah!). I thought that we could visit in this half term next year. Are there many emmets about? Do all the restaurants stay open? I wouldn't want to keep the slave pits at the Slurp too busy.

                Happy Hallowe'en

Vile Jelly

31 October 2003 08:14

I'm not sure if spooky things happen on Halloween down here as for some reason I always seem to spend the evening in a drunken stupor and so nothing much registers in my feeble brain. The RT, however, love to go trick-or-treating, so much so that they do it all year round. Ditto running off with my wallet!
St. Ives is once more full of ems (or it was but yesterday's deluge may have flushed them back into the sewers). Most everything is still open. Generally, the town doesn't really go quiet until after the half-term hols and/or bonfire night.

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