One Foot In The Grave

Vile Jelly

31 October 2003 17:23

Gone Before My Time!

Cheers for the burpday card.
Gave me a hell of a fright, though! Thought I'd missed out on a whole year but the RT sawed me in half and counted the rings. Only 39, thank gawd. That still gives me another 365 days to finish the time machine before the Grim Reaper catches up with me!
PS. I'm just off to the Sloop now ..... I may be some time.

Helen Bristol

01 November 2003 15:14

Oops, sorreee.........................I was convinced that when you replied to the reporter chappy about the cost of living in the SW you described yourself as 39...........ipso fatso you'd be 40 at the next burpday, unless you've got a similar phobia to that which one of my students had. She couldn't bear the thought of being 30 (ah fond memories) so remained for ever 29. Oh well, while you're putting the finishing touches to your time machine I can continue to look for an outrageous real 40th card.
PS Empty wallet,  RT sleeping it off.  How's your hangover? 

Vile Jelly

01 November 2003 15:56

It was my mistake, actually. I thought I was going to be 39 but I woke up this morning to discover that I felt about 177!
At least Trevor won something in the Meat Draw so the night wasn't a total loss.

Helen Bristol

01 November 2003 20:34

shit happens!

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