Atlantic City (B. Springsteen Version)

Janet Bentley

14 November 2003 14:45

Dear Mr Jelly,
        Just a note to tell of my horror at your news. I hope that you soon find gainful employment, preferably at somewhere they will appreciate your talents. Perhaps the RT could start their carol-singing round early to support you or perhaps you could get them a job with the St Ives TImes and Echo. Anyway, commiserations.

Best wishes

Vile Jelly

17 November 2003 09:52

Well, that's the joy of working down here. The vast majority of employment conditions down here would put even the most ruthless Victorian industrialist to shame. And people kept accusing me of whingeing when I said that virtually all the 'jobs being created by the tourist industry' were in fact dead-end, minimum wage, hire 'em and fire 'em rubbish.
Still, I suppose clinging to the 'tourism creates jobs' theory eases their consciences when they come down to flash their cash and use St. Ives.
PS. RT are already seeking a bank loan to set up a drugs and prostitution racket as even the Shauns have sufficient intelligence to work out that there is no way of surviving down here living by the rules.

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