Til DEFRA Do Us Part

Roger The Badgerman

21 November 2003 16:57

web link

I'd be grateful if you could correct the link to West Cornwall Badger Group on your page:    http://www.spooky1.com/skinny/general%20info.htm

The correct address is: http://www.cornwallbadgergroup.org.uk


Roger Driver
West Cornwall Badger Group

Vile Jelly

22 November 2003 08:56


Consider it dung or it will be when the next update is promulgated

Apologies to the badgers, hope they aren't cross!

Roger The Badgerman

22 November 2003 09:03

Thanks Paul

I'm sure the badgers won't mind - they're more worried about the DEFRA louts out to kill them



Vile Jelly

22 November 2003 09:25

So, what are they going for?

A campaign of civil disobedience or all-out armed resistance?

I reckon they should undermine all the main roads in secret selected places and then hold the tourist industry to ransom at the start of the next season.

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