Geevor's A Break!

Andrew Macdonald

21 November 2003 10:58

Tin Agin

Commiserations on the sudden lack of employment - hope something better turns up soon.
What's the correct term for people who look at SSI?  Is it viewers, readers, visitors, or sad and confused?  Any way, I did say some time ago that I'd try to hack together some pics of the amazing Geevor Mine model which shows all the known shafts and galleries in the area, and here they are, such as they are..  I'd forgotten how big the damn thing is, but if you stop and think what it represents it is breathtaking.  The whole model covers the area between Pendeen and Botallack (I think), and according to the amazingly knowledgeable John Negus, only shows the major workings.  The blue line which is visible on one of the pics represents sea level.  The whole thing just makes my brain wobble.  The shaft at Levant (tin1) which I guess was dug mainly by hand is 2100ft deep.  But enough culture for now.
Maybe Faintly ought to send himself the occasional electric letter, then he'd have some idea of what the rest of us have to put up with, though doubtless he has legions of saintly servants and faintly flunkies to do his reading for him.  Nessum dorma.
Anyway, you'll be glad to know that as I came back from Linkingshire the other day, the happy smiling folk were in full swing bringing home the brassicas and plaiting the traditional harvest wreaths from old sprout stalks in preparation for a weekend of feasting and january king juggling to celebrate the joy of cabbage.
Mr Chimney goes from strength to strength.  We tracked him down in his lair last Saturday and were welcomed with a pint of Great Raft bitter - which was splendid.  The man is a veritable god, and anybody visiting hereabouts - buy some of his beer.  It is sensational.
Ipswich beckons....
tin1.jpg (35005 bytes) tin2.jpg (53085 bytes)
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Vile Jelly

21 November 2003 17:11

Too confusing for me.
I shall put the whole thing in the capable hoofs of the Shauns and hopefully they will have been able to come up with something when they get round to doing next week's promulgate.

Andrew Macdonald

22 November 2003 10:59

At a second glance, I see what you mean, but doubtless the Shauns will cope.
Abstemious?  Don't know the meaning of the word.  Does Gill?  And being in charge of lots of scouts, cubs, guides, brownies, pixies, elves, goblins will o'the wisps, and possibly the entire supporting cast of Lord of the Rings,  should she?
Falling Down was on telly again a few weeks back, always worth another look.
Give us a shout when the AK arrives - there's a couple of people up here to practise on.

Vile Jelly

22 November 2003 15:30

I shall await their sage advice.
I was hoping for some rosemary advice but for some unfathomable reason that particular herb (or as the yanks say, urb) is 'person non grated' with them.
From previous experience I think that Gill must have her worked cut out Guiding Girls. I tried it in my former youth and I could never guide them where I wanted (behind the bus stop, down dark alleys, into well-foliaged bushes, etc.)!
PS. No need to practice with the K's, I have got the technique off pat. (Or Gerry Adams as he is now known).
PPS. England just bloody won something and a World Cup to boot (as JW would say). The RT have declared a national lifetime of celebration!

Andrew Macdonald

24 November 2003 10:42

You and the RT back from the pub yet after Saturday's nail biter?  I hear we're all going to get a month's holiday and a day of celebration.  Or something.  Whatever it was, it came from a Govt spokesperson, if not Tessa Jowell herself, so obviously a load of complete trousers.  Can't help thinking that Richard Caborn must have been just the teeniset bit pissed off.
I was going to suggest the Shauns might like a little olive oil and garlic rub down followed by an hour or so in a warm place.  Just to set them up for the winter and keep the cold out, you understand. 
I am choosing my words with a certain amount of care here, but exactly how many youths have you had?
PS have you been to Geevor?
PPS I never said anything about m*** s****.

Vile Jelly

25 November 2003 11:28

Acshually, I thought the recall of Richard Caber (presumably some reference to tossers there!) was the highlight of the World Cup. Serves the freeloading bar-steward right.
Funny you should mention that because Shaun is all excited at being told he is going to have a role in Lord of the Rings. Personally, I thought they'd finished all the filming ages ago but he swears that some bloke has offered him a starring role at the next film's big launch (or was that lunch) as the elf, Legolamb.
I was born old and never had one so I did a Wacko Jacko and had everybody else's youths in stead.
PS. Tried a couple of times but can't find it. It's almost as if some bugger has hidden it underground.
PPS. Well, any port (orange and cranberry sauce) in a storm.

Andrew Macdonald

27 November 2003 18:46

Once they'd sent Caborn out there, couldn't they have left him there?  I'm sure we'd all have been suitably grateful.
How old?
If you ever do find the hole they've hidden Geevor in, make sure to take Soupie along.

Vile Jelly

28 November 2003 09:05

But why go to the expense of flying him all the way out there? They could have chucked him out of the plane at the first available opportunity and been back in time for lunch.
Carbon-dating places me somewhere around the 9th Century AD.
I think she may have secretly accessed one of the connecting tunnels (138th right, 71 levels down on your model). She certainly doesn't seem short of soup and she says it's warmer underground at this time of year anyway.

Andrew Macdonald

28 November 2003 11:04

Ah!  That would explain the haircut!

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