Half-Baked Alaska?

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

20 November 2003 20:59

Re: feckin potato rompers clogging amid the stoneyards

hi. at last   back in the grande pizzeria... and on the www fast track..  so wots nu?  me dog Neds and all birdies are in a tiny but warm apt.. overlooking the Yukon River.. was 40 below O and today up to -28... meeting some good folk.. selling my block prints at the Xmas sales... someone donated a studio in an old building... connected to a painter pal.. who is now ensconced in a little shack in an alley.. good to smell the paint again!... so my work will be up on the easels  ils? soon...and took a cable from an empty apt next door and now got CABLE!.. weird to have movies... its either nothing or just CBC   Canadian Broadcasting Core.... Paulies... how are you?    M.

Vile Jelly

21 November 2003 09:27

Welcome back, White Fang.
Nothing much to report from here (you could always check on the old news in the Aged Antelopes section, y' know. That's what it's there for!). Anyway, I got the order of the boot from the Sloop because there wasn't enough work to go round so am now destitute .....
..... no, I said 'destitute'. Not that I'm not desperate enough to resort to the oldest profession but I don't think there are any humans out there desperate enough to pay for nookie with someone who resembles a roadkill beanbag!
The Reporting Team are threatening to go off in search of someone else's fortune so, all in all, things are looking bleak (and it isn't even midwinter yet).
Any jobs (or gold rushes) going in the Yukon. I can play the Yukelele* if that helps.
(*Actually I can't but I'm so desperate I'm prepared to say anything to boost my CV).

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