Celtic Fringe Benefits

Karin Young

04 April 2002 13:21

lovely st ives [Yes, it is, isn't it?]

Enjoyed your site, I have been a regular visitor to St Ives in the past and have enjoyed the coastal walk to Zennor although I must admit I seemed to have gone off the path and got lost in the bracken a bit [That's why, unless you are Sir Ranulph Fiennes, it is best to follow the crinkly edge. It gets a bit hard to navigate when you cut inland].  Enjoyed the humour of the site, although it is a bit cruel [Our motto is 'Life Can Be Cruel ..... But We Can Be Crueller!'] I love Cornwall and the people and everything about it [We think there should have been a full stop here] being Scottish I am a bit strange as I am not patriotic at all and hate all this independence stuff I think Scotland should get on with their lot, I would move to Cornwall any day of the week [Yes, but we've got Cornish Jihad down here blathering on about independence, as well. So, it's fairly universal, we fear.], it has everything for me.  Thanks again you cheered my day! [You're welcome.]

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