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06 April 2002 15:44

st ives site

I've just got back from St Ives about 1/2 hour ago and am missing it already!! So.. I happened to wander to the computer to find pictures of my favourite place and found your site.
It's great, I wish I'd seen it before. It has brought it all back to me, so I'll go off and sob until I can get back in the summer!
Well done, keep up the good work, I'll be visiting your site regularly to keep up to date.

Reporting Team

Glad you enjoyed it, we aim to please (except when shooting to kill!). We're not sure how you can define being 'up to date' in St. Ives, though. The whole place seems to be stuck in some sort of twilight zone time warp!


08 April 2002 17:36

Yeah, you're right of course!
I'll be back in the summer with my family. I'll drop you an email before and, if you like [Are bears catholic, does the pope, etc. !], I'll buy you a pint in the Sloop.
Take care, [Difficult after multiple pints of Doom Bar but I suppose there's a first time for everything].

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