Spin Doctoring

Helen Bristol

24 November 2003 10:12

The Rich Trappestry of Life

Silence is golden..................personally I've always preferred the silver option.
OK ,so I blinked first.
Still off work with this chesty cold...................no cracks about rubbing Vic on my chest p- l-ease
How's the squad bearing up?  Surely their morale was boosted Saturday.  Good win, eh?

Vile Jelly

25 November 2003 11:28

Various members of the RT currently in intensive care (actually, washing machine, tumble dryer, airer, etc.) following vicious attack of condensation and/or mould slime. VJ arrested by Cuddly Peeps Welfare Protection Ossifer.
Right now, anything that can go wrong .....

Helen Bristol

25 November 2003 13:00

They say things come/go in 3s, like the London buses, so what's the third thing to be?
Happens at this time of year, especially when they insist on going out at night without a warm coat.  Its hardly your fault..........you've done your best...........time comes when, for their own sake and street cred, you have to let them do their own thing and if they catch mould - so be it.  They've got to learn to stand on their own two/four feet/paws/claws.  (Oh stop it Helling - you sound like a mother hen)
I was beginning to think I'd said something to which you had taken great exception ............................................................................ 
then again - nah, you'd never misunderstand or take exception to ANYTHING I say, would you?

Vile Jelly

25 November 2003 15:11

Only on exceptions!
Having even more trouble with the little buggers. At first they didn't fancy the washy/scrubby bit at all but now they are refusing to come out unless I give them another spin on the drying cycle!

Helen Bristol

25 November 2003 15:22

Oh yes? When?
Don't give in, with their backgrounds they need to know that you're in charge. Mind you, I can understand them wanting to snuggle up somewhere nice and warm.

Vile Jelly

26 November 2003 09:26

It's hard to be precise. All I can remember is that it was an exceptional exception!
It wasn't so much the warmth as the ride. Of course, it didn't help that the Sonics could use their super speed to power it themselves. Anyway, they finally stopped when they started to go various alarming hues and emerged dizzy, delirious and disoriented (apart from the Shauns who seemed the same as usual, i.e. ..... !).
I wonder if having your washing machine nobbled by overenthusiastic hedgehogs invalidates the warranty?

Helen Bristol

27 November 2003 18:31

Look, Paul, I know that the male and female brains work entirely differently  Yours moves in really mysterious ways. If it was so exceptional surely even you can recall it.  I mean, I'll  remember Jonny Wilkinson's winning goal for ever.  And that fly half who ran the length of the pitch to score the winning try for Loughborough in the final of the Middlesex 7s against Hawick.  Not to mention a really fantastic meal we had at Locanda Locatelli.  Then there are other things that get consigned to the dustbin of "tried that didn't think too much to it"  and will be forgotten. 
OK so you can't remember.  I won't mention it again .......much............well hardly ever really............possibly.................depends how I feel............whatever it was...............which I don't know cos you won't say
PS Were you there watching the Sonics playing F1 with the washing machine?  If there was no eyewitness account of their antics then who can say that they did it?
PPS But then you probably won't remember that either.  Who are you???????
PPS Lucy is very concerned that the Sonics might be leading Shaun astray.  She did say that she wondered what you'd put in the washing stuff (a word she chose carefully) and that he'd probably be safer over here if it wasn't for the proliferation of YFCs.

Vile Jelly

28 November 2003 08:57

Maybe I was exceptionally shlobbleobble at the time.
Still, I do vaguely remember the convicts being put to Wilkinson's sword. I just think it's a good job that the ref didn't noticed that he dropped the ball before he hoofed it over otherwise he'd probably have penalised them for that as well.
PS. Maybe but surely a trained washing machine surgeon would spot that it has been travelling at speeds way beyond its capabilities. That, coupled with the presence of two legendary blue and spikey speedsters, could only lead to one conclusion (and/or jail for attempted fraud).
PPS. I am a fig roll of your imagination.
PPPS. Shaun says Lucy has absolutely nothing to worry about. OK, so they used a bit of white powder and then did an awful lot of speed. They can handle it. They can give it up any time. Now, if you'll excuse them they're just popping down to the laundrette.

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