Never Look A Greek Horse In The Mouth!

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

27 November 2003 03:01

Re: feckin potato rompers clogging amid the stoneyards

Oh dear whatever are we to do?  well.. here's a plan.. you could come here and kip on the floor of my livingroom.. barkeeping.. cheffing maybe. a pal of mine came through town on his way up the Dempster to see if he could find a caribou so he took me out for supper at the Downtown Hotel and yum  someone else's cooking! kind of deserted around here in the midwinter.. wait till summer.. scads of THEM wandering around with bear poop stuck to their boots...  so out of work just before Christianities biggest scam? Can you sign on as they say in jolly old?   just a word about the floor in my "livingroom"   I gave buddy my bunk in the bedroom with the dog.. and I was on a foamy in the LR and the fucker below me had his tv on ALL NIGHT! the sound was worming its way up through the foamy, through the doubled up pillow and into my tender shell like at 2.30 I took an ativan and fell fitfully asleep until the clock went strike at 6.30.. so today I am a bit off as they say.. and looking forward to going home and watching whatever is on the cable movie channel.... but meanwhile our hero looks like what?  " roadkill bean bag"..unquote.. what in hell?    put on a kilt ... that may do the TRICK.  I wrote to your guv about old age pensss   i  ony... will let you know what they say about letting another painter onto the from the banks of the Yukon River..... M
hum any old Van morrison tune you will feel better.    send me a photo of yourself  box l671 Dawson City Yukon Canada  YOB IGO      I want to see your bean bag ass myself. O I get it you JUST FEEL like road kill.. did your lover dump you as well?   Road Kill is a term we gals use over here for the recently released.

Vile Jelly

27 November 2003 10:06

Why didn't just go downstairs and blow him away? I thought that was the north american way of amicably resolving disputes.
And talking of firearm foolery what are you doing in all those banks on the Yukon? Robbing them? Then what? Head for the hills and hibernate with the bears until the hue and cry dies down. It's never a dull moment with you!
PS. Attached is photo of me sneakily taken by the Reporting Team while I was working on SSI. Like I said a bean bag etc!

vj1.jpg (50643 bytes)

Maeve Russet Hawthorne

27 November 2003 23:16

not a bad looking bag of beans.... ( I laughed out loud... is that aloud in the library?).. I can see the see through your window and some rooftops... so you live on the hill above town? 

 what DO you do with that beanbageretti?  speaking of things foreign... i went to a shack downtown..last night.. a turquise blue corrugated sided cube in a back alley  called.. hmmm  the Back Alley Pizza... not my haunt with the computors. and by the way the library now allows a whole our and has fast nets.. although I prefer R& R    .. there's a raspy voiced mother preaching about SC etc... more BS for the little lambs..all crowded around lookingUP in rapture... . lets hear it from Charles D!  

back to the pizza.. NEd waited outside... he has his new booties on so he was ok... (30-) and I had a gab with the GREEK owner.. he brought out lots of pics of his island where his ma still lives.. LESVOS or somewhere... not like my old heter Corfu.. but still quite beautiful..I took my meal  back to the antique wicker chair  in frontof the tv and proceeded to enjoy a fab lamb etc. kebobodoodle in a pocket with tsat.. whatever that sauce is and a salad  was it ever good.... so darling been, I am planning escape in the spring to climbs southerly... my boys are now on the coast and I am lonely for them ... Brenden is looking for a liveaboard for me..Maggs is returning to this colony from Japan this summer too... with her pal so we may get all together for a visit.. havn't seen each other together for years...hmmm  I'm still thinking about that Greek guy.... you know he leaned over the counter and offered me a cigarette! What does it all mean?    (nothing) M

Vile Jelly

28 November 2003 09:20

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.
Also, beware of Trojans who are so stupid that they don't think there's anything remotely suspicious about finding an enormous wooden horse parked outside the city limits just where there used to be an army of bloodthirsty Greeks!
PS. Tell him a few jokes to make sure he has a good sense of humus. Some of them can be really nasty buggers if you cross them as evidenced by the St. Valentine's Day Moussaka!

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