23 February 2004 11:47

Re: Guardian Angel

Slightly to the East of Dubai?

Vile Jelly

23 February 2004 11:55

Slightly to the west, I think you'll find. Saudi Arabia must be the only place on the planet where the yanks and al-qaedas mix freely!


23 February 2004 12:09

You have got the sort of compass used by ancient mariners. This explains their tendency to sail off the edge of the World. You could be right about KSA however most Yanks are there because someone told them it was Walt D's latest theme park.

Vile Jelly

23 February 2004 14:21

Sorry for the delay, I was out stoppeth-ing one of three .....

Actually, I think what the Saudis are up to is very commendable; a subtle blending of the horrors of both western and eastern 'civilisation' to create the ultimate nightmare theme park. How wouldn't fancy a trip out to have a gamble in the casinos, blow up a few infidels and then relax with a wholesome family musical extravaganza headlined by Donny, Little Jimmy and all the other Osama Brothers!

All together; one, two, three .....

"I'll be your long-haired terrorist from Liverpool
and I'll stone any heretic you like .... "


24 February 2004 09:56

Didn't realise you were in to fox hunting. Always thought stopping the earths a bit unsporting.

Could this theme park idea travel? - There is a likely looking spot at Carbis Bay and perhaps we could copy that splendid piece of modern architecture, Butlins at Minehead (now there's a target if ever there was one). You could run the Cornish enterprise and dress visitors up in appropriate clothing (helping out the local tea towel industry)and rid yourself of a few ems and, quite probably, half of Cardboard Bay. Shall I negotiate for teh franchise?

Vile Jelly

24 February 2004 12:30

Only when the foxes are allowed to shoot back.

Anyway, of what do you blather? I was doing my Ancient Mariner impression (sans albatross) as any fool knows.

Start negotiating for the theme park in Cardboard Bay. Hopefully, once Wheal Tesco is completed we will be able to commit all Cornwall's resources (two men, a shovel and a wheelbarrow with no wheel) to this next great work of civil engineering.

I hear that the novelty of the Anthony Eden Project has worn off, so there should be plenty of ems available for swindling!


25 February 2004 08:42

You hav emissed the latest cunning move. TS has been asked to chair a project group looking at affordable homes in Cornwall. The prices the locals are asking for their houses is going up and up and becoming beyond the reach of incomers (stockmarket performance, cost of living in the Megrotalis etc). However, new low cost homes could mean greater opportunity to escape to Cornwall. Good project!!

Vile Jelly

25 February 2004 09:19

Who's this TS person? Elliot? The Wasteland would certainly be a fitting commentary for the Redruth/Camborne tourist brochure.

N E Way, we don't care any more. Soon the UK will be flooded by eastern EU-ers. Naturally they will flock to where the quick easy mega-money is to be made, forcing out the indigenous population and taking their jobs and properties over. Clearly that won't affect the Cornish much as 90+% of them are worse off than the Poles, etc. I'd hate to be landed gentry with a cushy high-powered telephone number salary job and a mansion in Surrey though!

Who knows, mayhap in a few months time I will meet you in your 1,000 year old VW van in a lay-by on the A30 waiting to go flower-picking at 2 groats a day .....

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