Andrew Macdonald

27 February 2004 17:09

RE: No idea.

Bugger I!  According to the BBC Online Weather Centre it is snowing in St Ives.  Can this be true?

Mind you, it also says it is sunny in Harleston.  It ain't.  It's snowing.

Having spent most of yesterday on trains, I've decided that in a lot of cases, it's not the wrong sort of snow or the wrong sort of leaves, it's the wrong sort of train operating company.

And talking of trains, I see the St Erth to St Ives branch line is one of the ones they are going to turn over to the locals to run.  Play your cards right and you could be the Fat Controller.

And now I shall go and sneeze myself into oblivion.

Les sanglots longs des violons
Blessent mon coeur d'une longeur monotone.

Vile Jelly

27 February 2004 17:50

See this week's bulletin.

PS. I was lying in wait for you this time. Knowing how you enjoy sending an e-mu or two just at promulgation time to make my life more difficult I had anticipated your next move. Nevertheless, I hold no grudges. If I only had a house with a stroppy feminist lobster to go home to I would string out my Friday evenings too!

"Non recuperable." Les Mains Sales; J. P. Sartre

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