Sue Neill

23 March 2004 18:09


Greetings from Gotham
Hope this finds you well - you say the other Derek is dead and Derek is selling up and going  Which Derek? I ask because I rather liked your mates Derek B&B and have recommended it to friends  either way it dosn't sound good news. Please let me know   Regards    Sue

Vile Jelly

24 March 2004 09:18

Welsh* Derek (of the B&B) is still with us for the time-being, although at this early stage I don't know if he will stay in St. Ives in the long-term. I understand that he and Margaret are officially retiring as of 1 April. I don't know if they will take in any waifs and strays over the Summer, officially you can take up to 6 ems without being subject to the various rules and regs (albeit their place will still be up to par with those regs anyway being so soon after decommissioning). I know that they've got holidays planned (including missing virtually all of August the lucky buggers!).
Deceased Derek is/was the little gnome-like bloke who used to be a glass/plate pig at the Sloop whenever Maurice was short of waiting staff (i.e. all Summer). He had cancer but managed to hang on for quite a while (hence he wasn't glass-pigging last year). If you were down here, though, you might have spotted him (usually with Joan) at lunchtime lurking in his wheelchair in the back bar.
Either way, it's completely crap news. Fortunately I have Winwaloe's non-caring to console me.
* He's called 'Welsh' Derek to distinguish him from other Dereks. Actually as he has lived and worked full-time down here for a quarter of a century he is the closest thing you'll find to a St. Ives local in the Sloop after John Stevens!

Sue Neill

24 March 2004 18:56

Hi Paul
Greetings from Gotham - Thanks for clearing that up for me. I am coming down to St Ives on the 5th of April, spending three days at Perranporth en route this year. After reading your latest news dosn't seem a lot of point leaving you a pint in the Sloop let me know which hostelry you will be frequenting that week. I am scuttling back home on Good Friday this year to avoid the Easter crush of last year. I would like you to have a little refreshment on me for keeping me entertained with news of St Ives through the year  Cheers m'dear     Sue   
Ps Is the tetra milk carton phone mast erected yet or are you still in a mobile black hole?

Vile Jelly

25 March 2004 09:31

Nyet problemski. Remind me before you are due to set off and I'll try to arrange some sort of secret assignation somewhere. The code phrase will be 'My hedgehog is blue' to which the correct response is 'But my sheep are wild and woolly'!
PS. No obvious sign of the Tetrapak mast yet (probably can't get it to open without losing half of it all over the place!). Mind you there is an existing mast up there already so perhaps they will just bodge the new one on top of it.

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