Lucinda Stevenson

28 March 2004 01:13

I now have a little time.

Dear, dear. A few lines of criticism produced a whole page of defensiveness, shows a weakness of character in my book. If you can't take it, get out of the ether rather than suggest we compete. You assume too much and have obviously no idea of how we Cornish operate. We bide our time, and bide our time, and get what we want in the end, regardless. I really don't give a stuff who is Cornish or not on your cosy darling site as they all seem cloned in sweet superiority. The truth will out, always! Let no one think they are better than their neighbour lest their neighbour suddenly disappear into the night with their ox, ass and woman and with a finger raised to boot. Tis a strange land down here and those that wish to survive had better learn not to rock too many boats, even if they feel they know a few (3?) locals. Where do I get my information from? As previously said, you assume too much, people born in down long always want to come home but may be lurking on the boundaries of the town just biding our time baby, biding our time. Talking of babies, better get that baby out of the freezer, I've heard of alcopops but nappypops is just too gross to consider. The Lady.

Vile Jelly

28 March 2004 08:50

'Doing a little time' seems more likely. I could have sworn you said ... hang on, I'll just check ...

Yes, here we are ..... "Will reply in full and fully address all the bits you slagged me off for when I have time".

Is that it then? That pseudo-cryptic, cod-philosophical, evasive, uninformative, unreasoned pile off toss you've just sent me is your definition of fully addressing the points raised? Jeez Louise, where did you learn your debating and analytical skills, on a Variety Club Sunshine Coach?

God, it's taken me this long to break Winwaloe of the habit of responding to my points by retreating into self-deluding, ego-masturbating, flights of fancy about some subliminal Cornish superiority complex that can only be perceived by the 'true believers'. And now I've got another one!

It's not that I don't expect Spooky St. Ives to attract loonies, it's just that it never seems to attract the quality ones!

Lucinda Stevenson

28 March 2004 21:27

I'm lovin it. When I can be assed! Don't forget the assed!!! Calm down
sweetie or you'll give yourself an encyclopdric hernia. Nice that you did
not print my mail in full, so shows you as the coward I suspected. The Lady.

Vile Jelly

29 March 2004 09:23

Hardly surprising, most mental breakdowns are induced by having to deal with humans! And I never seem to attract the nice ones.

Exactly what, pray, have I missed out? I've just had a quick gander and spot anything obvious. I don't edit e-mails (apart from the odd expletive or bit of personal info the perpetrator doesn't want published). I suppose it's possible that I might lose a bit hither or thither in the process of transferring e-mails to the website in the correct arrangement of author, subject and chronology (especially when it's been heavy traffic like last week) but I can not spot anything in my old e-mails that suggests a lacuna has occurred.

Enlighten us, your majesty.

Lucinda Stevenson

30 March 2004 00:17

Nah, that was the mail I sent you before you decided to put it on the net, praps we were both too quick or you didn'nt get all of my drift! Am looking forward to the latest ermenmail that you put out, and as a petition signing, downlong  working, CORNISH person, who, whilst not knowing her very well agrees with what she is doing, I will watch with interest and then tell her about this site. I don't know much about the law but is'nt there something about libel or harrassment or something? Anythhing? You must be worth a few bucks with your own website so if I were her I'd sue. The Lady.

Vile Jelly

30 March 2004 09:39

Nope! I've checked my e-mails backlog and the first e-mail I got from you was the 'Hi, I side with Winwaloe' one which is what is on the website. Can hardly reply to something I've never read, now, can I?

Snitch to Trudes if you want, it's no epidermis off my nostrils. Last time I looked it was still a vaguely free country and people were entitled to their opinions. Consider it the perils of public office but public comment invariably goes with it. Personally I would love to interview La Pitts on SSI. There would be all sorts of interesting questions we could ask her ..... 

Anyway, I have met Trudes in the flesh in her professional capacity. She wasn't being very complimentary about the youths in question at the time. Mayhap, there is more going on than is being made known to the public. You say you 'work' in Downlong, do you live there? I doubt it, as there seems much of what you know little. Be interesting (if it gets publicised) to see what the upshot of the meeting at the Guildhall yesterday came up with.

Lucinda Stevenson

31 March 2004 21:41

Just heard from 'Trudes' as you so over familliarly call her. She has seen your site now and you will be pleased to hear that she thinks it's a hoot, she loved the Ermentrude bit and is having a badge made so she can wear it at work on her coat. She did say that she knows where you live so can speak to you in the future if you get too stupid with the name calling ( bit schoolyard?) and she and Inspector Wilkins will be up to see you to see about future developments should they need to. The Lady.

Vile Jelly

01 April 2004 09:26

Well, she IS the Community Police Officeress and I do think that 'Obergruppenfuhrer' is a bit formal! I know she likes to chat with the skateboarders and I reckon she doesn't insist on being called Officer Pitts all the time.

Anyway, if the things discussed at the Guildhall meeting last Monday come to pass soon, then I won't have any need, cause or desire to moan about such things in the future. As I said to her (on another matter) people get increasingly upset if they think they are just being ignored. Had some of the facts/views that came out in the meeting been more publicly aired sooner I'd have been far more willing to cut her/Wilko/police some slack while they got on with things. However, until last Monday, as far as I could tell, nothing of import appeared to be happening and one section of the community seemed to be getting blanked by the 'authorities'.

PS. But how can I not refer to her as Ermintrudi if she goes and gets a badge to that effect? Point on excessive name-calling taken but, be fair, SSI is not about treating anybody as The Great I Am; I'm Vile Jelly, Andrew Macdonald is Big Mac, Helen is Helling (or sometimes Lo Ling), Saint Winwaloe is (probably) not a saint and his name is definitely not Winwaloe. So, it's not as if anyone else gets taken too seriously either. It's surprising (generally in life, not just with SSI) how often people jump up in outrage about an alleged 'insult' to someone else and it turns up that the 'insultee' is in fact not in the least offended by it. Harry loved the 'news' item on his mayoral inauguration
( and e-mailed it various friends and family!

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