Gill Richards

15 April 2004 14:50

RE: where am i?

have you been away, or, god forbid, have you a job? I went to the web for my Monday (or tuesday in this case) lunchtime entertainment and you've bricked up SSI.

Vile Jelly

15 April 2004 16:32

I'm on the run. And so is the Reporting Team, although in some cases a brisk scuttle is all they can manage!

The vultures are coming home to roost. I feel sorry for the RT. I was beyond redemption but they were just cuddly peeps who wanted to be loved.

Oh well, as Winwaloe and co. would say ..... who cares?

Gill Richards

16 April 2004 11:21

Who's after you? Am i right in thinking that it's something to do with theses vultures and that they have sticky fingers?

Vile Jelly

16 April 2004 14:19

I can't say at the mo. No one is actually after me (as of checking my barricaded front door 5 minutes ago) but I can't really say what the problem is because if I advertised it, someone with an agenda might use the info to nobble me.

Gill Richards

16 April 2004 14:27

crumbs chief!

Vile Jelly

16 April 2004 14:29

Lots of them.

And all wedged into those difficult-to-hoover cracks of life's furniture.

Gill Richards

16 April 2004 14:31

that was quick.

i find that too. It either means that we don't clean enough, we really shouldn't be eating on the sofa anyway, or it's time to get a new sofa if you have more money than sense. Or were you talking about a different crack?

is SSI on yet?

Vile Jelly

16 April 2004 14:48

It was a recorded message!

Crack, crevice, call it what you will. In combination with crumbs they represent an unbeatable assault on attempts to get some comfort into your life.

Nope, and won't be for a while. I've just posted it a semi-explanation on the index page but suffice it to say that until the deed is completed (which may take forever if the RT don't stop constantly scuttling off to the off-licence to stock up on more 'essential' supplies for the hideout) SSI is incommunicado (or, possibly, in communal khazi).

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got poo-shovelling to be getting on with!

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