Andrew Macdonald

11 June 2004 16:40


As I was proceeding around Ipswich today, I wandered past a pub called The Fat Cat.  OK, to be absolutely truthful I wandered into a pub called The Fat Cat and there in the heart of darkest East Angular I had a pint of Cornish Knocker, and a very good pint it was too.  I could very easily have stayed a whole lot longer and worked my way through some of the other beers they had - though sadly I didn't see any Doom.  It's a real proper pub and I shall go again.  Have a look at their website; it's www.somethingorother but I'm sure that nice Mr Google can help.
There's been a Fat Cat in Norwich selling a huge range of real beers from all over the place for years now, but I never knew there was one in Ipswich as well.  Made the whole day worthwhile.
And vaguely on the subject of beer, for which I know you have a certain fondness, and rugby, which given your very fetching bumble bee suit, I guess you are an amateur of as well, could you please explain to me why the official beer of the England XV is Carlsberg?  First, it's barely beer, and second it's Danish.  (OK, I know it really comes from a chemical works in Northampton, but they'd love you to believe it's been hand brewed by a load of trolls in Copenhagen)  Any ideas? 
And can I have my prize for the clumsiest sentence of the week please?

Vile Jelly

11 June 2004 16:55

Is that the East Anglican version of 'a funny thing happened on the way to the forum' ...
The Skinner's stuff (of Knocker fame) is well worth investigating. The Helligan Hunny is a goodly summer slurp and the Ice Blonde is a welcome alternative in a world full of dull predictabilities.
There's been a Fat Cat down here for quite a while as well. He doesn't do much for the quality-of-life industry though!
The reason, Moan Amy (as the frogs say), is simple yet cunning and proves that Clive (of Australia) Woodward is a genius. He knew that after a triumphant world cup and a hard Six (or 4 if you include Scotland and Italy!) Nations tourney that his men would be completely knackered when they had to face the ravening hordes of antipodeans this Summer. Thusly he made Chasberg the beer of the English Whoeverisleftstanding XV. So, when the deportees start taking the piss our players can give it to them ..... by the barrelful!
Sorry, various magistrates have already won that one!

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