Loic Rich

10 June 2004 15:56

objective one

I'm looking for examples of extraodinary wastage of EU /UK cash on wanky projects in Cornwall. Can I speak to you? Give me a call and I can call you right back
many thanks
Loic Rich
telephone [a number]

Vile Jelly

10 June 2004 16:19

Frayed knot.
You might have had a point ... You might still have a point. However .....
I don't respond to mobile fern numbers (you could be George W. Bin Laden for all I know) and I do not respond positively to such pejorative expressions as "extraordinary wastage of EU /UK cash on wanky projects in Cornwall".
Yes, I think that some O1 money may have been spent on prestige projects where it could have been better used elsewhere in the county but no, Cornwall depends on O1 money to do 'good works' because the London government aren't interested in investing in a sustainable economy down here.
However, You have not declared yourself. You have not explained where you come from or why you are so interested in "extraordinary wastage of EURO /UK cash on wanky projects in Cornwall".
The economic realities of life down here mean that you have to accept that as a 'fortunate' employee you have to let yourself be used. But this is not my job, I do not have to go cap in hand to the users.
Come back when you are capable of framing a considered line of argument. Then, I'll be glad to discuss things with you.

Loic Rich

10 June 2004 16:48

Dear Paul Kelly,
Please excuse the language in the e-mail. It was badly primed and foolish.
My home address is [Falmouth] and I am a freelance writer and post graduate student at Falmouth College of Arts. I don't have a home telephone number.
I read this:
You just wrote: 'I think that some O1 money may have been spent on prestige projects where it could have been better used elsewhere in the county...'
...that would be my line of argument!
And I entirely agree with you that O1 funding, overall, is essential for our county.
Do you have information on prestige projects you might consider to fall under that argument?
Once again, sorry about the hastily written e-mail.
yours sincerely
Loic Rich

Vile Jelly

11 June 2004 09:23

Not pacifically, as Mrs. Malaprop would say.
From memory the comment arose out of a news item that more O1 dosh was to be spent expanding the Anthony Eden Project. I don't mind the odd bit of swag being spent to spiffy up parts of Cornwall and give them something to show the ems when they come a-swarming but I didn't see the point on splurging more O1 loot on an established attraction. Being so far off the beaten track we don't really have such monumental projects down here. To my limited awareness the only major announcements for O1 cash round these parts have been a scheme to regenerate the post-atomic holocaust wastelands of Camborne/Redruth and a scheme to renovate and re-equip Smeaton's Pier (although I'm not sure if the latter is being funded by O1 or the Euro-Fisheries Dept).
If there are any O1 white effluents down here you are probably closer to the scene of the crime than I am, to wit the Notional Merry-Time Bemusement in Falmouth. Don't know F very well myself so couldn't say what, if any, effect it has had on the ordinary citizens. Our 'prestige' attraction, the Tat, is strictly a private money-gouging operation and nowt to do with O1.
PS. Why not try your journalistic skills on the Bish of Truro? As I remember he was quite irked by the subject and he might have some information (or divine inspiration) on the subject.

Loic Rich

11 June 2004 11:47

Cheers for that.
Will try Bishop of Truro, have heard some good about him.
Don't get me going on Falmouth's cosmopolitan renewal though. If you ever feel like franchising your web operation, it would be nice to see a 'Spooky Falmouth'
all the best

Vile Jelly

11 June 2004 14:31

The grapes on the wordvine say thusly. I think there's a lot yet to be said on the distribution of O1 loot and, now that the electoral vultures are coming home to roost, maybe this is the time.
If you've got the energy and enthusiasm (I sure as hell haven't got the expertise or resources) feel free to blag our style for Funky Falmouth. SSI is a strictly loss-making organisation (especially when I get the Reporting Team's monthly bar bill!) and so I have no objection to good citizens using it for similar purposes. I just don't want unauthorised people nicking bits of it for their own profit or personal agenda.
G'luck and don't forget to give Bill Ing top billing!

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