Joy McEldowney

14 June 2004 03:39

Rosewall Hill

    Yesterday I Googled 'John Stabbe Devon'. That was a mistake. I was faced with dozens of pages of John Stabbes from everywhere, and found myself in a crowd of Newfies at one stage...bless 'em! But, no help really.
    I did, of course, recognise some lines I'd written to you, so I had to check up. All was okay, but, Call That a Picture? You haven't really beaten Microsoft. It's the size of a postage stamp. Darn it, surely it could have been at least as big as the photograph of your 'loovly 'but nettle-ized leg...not as stunning, mark you, but a whole lot prettier!
    Looked for Stabbes in Austria (thinking of Hallstadt) but not one there but stacks in Chermany. Strangely enough, this morning I received a long email written in German and I wondered if someone had read my comments on the 'spiked helmet' and my somewhat unwanted  German ancestors! I thought I'd reply with..."I am not German nor do I speak the language, so please don't send me any more emails." Within seconds of clicking 'send', my Server gave me a message informing me there was no such person. I bet it was a rude letter and it's just as well I couldn't read the damned thing. Who ever it was, I've blocked him/her.
    Can't join the Devon family with the few Cornish names I have. I sent an email to the St Ives Trust on 31 May, but haven't received a reply yet. 'Tis unfortunate.  Will have to keep Googling.
    We watched Pres. Reagan's funeral service in Washington. Quite impressive, but I blew my stack. On hearing Sir Hubert Parry's music to 'Jerusalem', I was pleased until they started singing. The words certainly weren't Blake's poem. There goes something else. They already have our National Anthem, so I guess we can only wait for 'new' words to 'I Vow to Thee My Country', music by  Englishman Gustav Holst. By the time the Yanks and Aussies have finished nicking everything worthwhile, we'll have nothing left. That detestable American/Australian, Mel Gibson has managed to wreck our history.  
    Ta ta
    Joy McEldowney 

Vile Jelly

14 June 2004 10:45

Aye, lad, I usually find that problem with google. It's just too damned efficient sometimes. You put something obscure like 'armadillo-juggling' in most search engines and they turn up bugger all. You put it in google and you find you've now got 10,471 potential entries on the subject to investigate!
I had to reduce the picture res to reduce the file size, udderwise it takes forever to down/up/sideload. Your revised piccy should still be about the same size as the leg piccy as I try to keep all the SSI piccies between 40-60KB unless circumstances prevent. At the risk of getting a flying drop-kick to the head, you do know that the piccies on the web pages are only thumbnails and you get a bigger piccy if you click on them?
Perhaps your anonymous e-mailer was from the german version of Friends Reunited and was just inviting you to their barbie at the D-Day anniversary celebrations. Alternatively, it could just be some automated web-trawling program that picked up the krautish reference and decided to try to sell you something teutonic. I know when I started up SSI I jokingly called something 'inflammation' rather than 'information' and promptly received various offers from american drug marketers inviting me to become an affiliate of their rheumatoid arthritis miracle-cure venture!
Didn't see anything of the Ronald Mcdonald funeral bash. Was it any good? Did Janet Jackson's tits fall out in mid-dance again? Or was that the Superbowl? It's so easy to get those sort of american events confused, isn't it?
Surprised to see you slagging off Mel, though? He did fight for scottish independence against the treacherous english in the middle ages, y'know. I saw a newsreel about it in the cinema. OK, so that was the best part of 700 years ago and he hasn't done much of note since but will you or I still be as active at such an advanced age?

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