Gill Richards

14 June 2004 10:15

Sorry, but i have no idea what you're on about!!! Tell me what this 'call of cthulhu' is and what it's about and then maybe we can go from there, at the moment this line of conversation is more one sided than last nights game. (btw i didn't even see it so don't start)
hounds tooth?
ps roll on lunch time!

Vile Jelly

15 June 2004 17:23

I trust the attached is self-exploratory!
No, just a mouth ulcer, I think.
PS. Shouldn't that be 'roll at lunchtime'? Anyway, what sort of roll? Ham? Cheese? Swiss?


coc.jpg (68847 bytes)

Gill Richards

16 June 2004 14:46

Looks bloody awful. explains why i've never heard of it, never been into those role playing games, seems a little bit sad.....
Not an abscess then?
Ps i'd much prefer a roll on lunchtime, but there's no chance of that. Prefer ham to cheese and proper ham not that squashed stuff, followed by swiss with cream. And i still haven't got round  to looking at SSI this week. I've been sooo busy so i still can't remember what happened in the Devil's Fart.

Vile Jelly

16 June 2004 17:14

Actually it was quite a good laugh. Especially as your player character didn't usually die, just go totally insane as a result of finding out too much about the horrors of the universe. Nor can I really justify the 'sad' tag. If role-playing is 'sad' what does that make the millions who sit watching soap operas in a PVS?
Nor a barclaycard.
PS. It was an explosive ending, although some critics thought it stank!

Gill Richards

17 June 2004 14:27

They are 'gay', if one takes the new meaning of the word. Sad, sad, sad, sad, sad. Why anyone would want to watch half to an hour of degenerate groups of people whose lives to do not mirror real life is beyond me. AND they believe it's true and have ago a some poor actor for being mean to some girl. I guess the traditional image we have of people who play role playing games is the spotty geek who has no friends and doesn't know what a girl is for, if you have a go with your mates purely for the crack (don't) then maybe it's ok.
American Express?
ps i have not had time to read it, although i have caught up with the news and emails, so i have printed it out and i will read it at my leisure (yes, i know that leaves me open to being called sad myself, but i'm sure the good readers of SSI will understand)

Vile Jelly

17 June 2004 15:22

Well, I did, in my uni days, play Dungeons and Dragons and can say that (1) actually draggin' round a dungeon with a few friends can be quite good fun, even [Gasp! Shock Horror!] mentally stimulating and (2) as far as I was last aware they are all married, with sprogs and sensible jobs & mortgages, so your 'spotty geek with no friends etc.' theory would only be true in my case!
PS. Well, we're glad at least someone is going to read it. All that effort the RT put in and nary a literary prize in sight.

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