14 June 2004 12:50

Touch your pipe with Winwaloe

Strange Sightings St Ives

Local folklore experts and others of that ilk have recently been getting excited about a reported re-occurrence of the ghost or ghosts of Skidden Hill. Reports are received of a scruffy and disreputable looking individual lurking around the middle part of Skidden Hill. Local research leads us to the existence of some sort of hostel or doss house back in the 1800's. Local ghost experts believe the recent sightings may be connected to the old place as reports of ghost sightings have been recorded for many years. However, your Saintly scribe can reveal that this is no ghost but simply the remnants of a vile, spooky but supposedly mortal individual returning from a night out at The Sloop
Benatugana - Tereba nessa - Winwaloe  

Vile Jelly

14 June 2004 15:21

Very strange sightings, in deed.
Espesh when you consider that all last week I was laid low with the dodgy ankle. Nor would I have any need to negotiate Skidmark Hill on my sojourns. Nor, as far as I am aware, have I recently been in the vicinity of the aforementioned boulevard.
Mayhap your spirits have been consuming even more spirits than the RT. Either that or there is a host of giant bumble-bees living a twilight existence in Downtown St. Ives.
PS. "Touch your pipe with Winwaloe" - can't you get arrested/detested/molested for doing that?

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