27 July 2004 14:29


Great idea for you that will work and keep you and the RT out of the pub and in to oddles of boodle. Buy, for a mere peppercorn, some of these engine houses etc and convert them in to desirable 2nd homes (as perMartello Towers in Suffolk etc). Sell them to the super rich, use the profit to help the RT retirement (!) fund and build some very low cost houses for others. Result - Wealthy Vile and RT, more fat cats propping up local economy, more people in homes and VJ very probably up for an OBE. Actually this is not a bad idea, jsut off to call an estate agent and
property developer -
Benatugana - Tereba nessa - Winwaloe  

Vile Jelly

27 July 2004 15:06

It has already been tried but you can't get planning permission (unless you have a home counties address, no doubt). Perhaps you could be a flag of (public) convenience for the operation.

Actually, if you had bothered to take out those subscriptions to the West Briton and Cornishbloke you'd have seen that there has been some quite superbly vitriolic correspondence on the subject of the mine ruins. I did think of putting an item in the bulletins but thought you'd only accuse me of making it up. NE way, someone was proposing that the old mine buildings be listed as world heritage sites (or some such protected species), some other bod wrote in saying 'I think the ruined mine buildings are a blot on the landscape and should be eradicated ..... and I've thought that ever since I moved down here'.

Cue barrage of replies from indignant Cornese along the traditional lines of 'Bugger off back to England, matey'. Cue response saying 'I love Cornwall and visited it regularly for decades before I moved down permanently and think I'm entitled to an opinion'. Cue barrage of replies from indignant Cornese along the traditional lines of 'No, you're not. Now, bugger off back to England, matey'. All good clean fun!

See, what you're missing out on.


27 July 2004 17:50

Yes I know all that I even voted in the poll or perhaps it should be pole. Anyway the mine building are way out in front. FOC is no problem but not aFOPC. At least if you sink without trace no one can be responsible. Still think this is a viable proposition but, of course, you are coming up wiht all the obstacles. No change there then!!!! - Why not give the RT a hod, some bricks and cement/mortar and set them loose. By the time the planners have realsied it could be too late. I could have a word with a Piskie friend of mine, add in some protection like - NB - I like the mine ruins

Vile Jelly

28 July 2004 09:25

Definitely pole ..... as in gallows pole! I wonder if Cornish Jihad have tracked down that bloke yet?

I don't suppose you were in the cabal with Tony Blah, John Scarlett (Lies), etc. Your 'just because there are any number of perfectly good reasons why it won't work doesn't mean that you shouldn't go ahead with it' approach seems vaguely similar to something else I can't quite put my finger on!

I think we should keep all the chimbleys. I'm not sure if Cornish piskies work on the same basis as East Angularian leprechauns but Andrew Mac found a crock of real ale at the end of his chimbley!


28 July 2004 13:41

I bet GWB would get on with it (Great Western ?) - If it was East Anglurian it was probably just a very old crock (as in cloam as opposed to crocodile 'cos I don't think they have crocs in EA although if they did
I am sure they would find a use for them)

Vile Jelly

28 July 2004 13:52

Dunno about GWB but IKB definitely had a good thing going until he made the mistake of connecting the West to London and it's all been downhill out here since then.

I think the EA crocodiles all emigrated to the Big Stench ages ago and became corporate white collar workers!

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