24 August 2004 08:55

My welcome return

No doubt you will have missed me.  However, I have been in N Devon and Cornwall although not as far West as I should have been.

Saw the rain from a distance of a few miles. We, of course, were sitting in wonderful sunshine drinking a beer or two.  Went to Bude the next day for some surfing but not allowed in the water due to dead livestock, straw, hay, grass, silage and what else from the inland farms etc.

This probably heralds (as in hark the herald) a blizzard in St Ives in October
Benatugana - Tereba nessa - Winwaloe  

Vile Jelly

24 August 2004 15:37

Didn't notice you'd gone anywhere. Well, north Cornwall and Devon, you haven't really been anywhere. No wonder your observations are so inaccurate if that's the distance you're making them from.

Sorry, you missed out on all the rain fun. You could have always joined in the spirit of things and driven your Merc into a raging torrent. Now what will you have to talk about with your chums on the ski slopes of Gstaad?


26 August 2004 09:17

Obvservations are, as always, perfectly accurate. It's a Landrover, I would not own a Merc as they are not a gentleman's car.

Read an article in Country Life yesterday describing Cornwall as the new California. So, stop your moaning and go and sell oranges (you could change your name to Nell but no one would ever believe you).

Welcome back Winwaloe -

NB - Didn't see much from the RT on the floods, assume they are still in the bar.

Vile Jelly

26 August 2004 14:34

Observations are relative as anyone with a fragment of scientific understanding could tell you. So, you drive a Chelsea tractor? How expectedly appropriate.

Personally, I've always found even the articles in the National Enquirer and the Fortean Times to be more accurate and truthful than anything in Country Life (which is, of course, just a jazzed up estate agent's brochure).

Welcome to Winwaloe ..... anybody's welcome to Winwaloe.

The RT did not report on the floods as there weren't any here. As reported in the SSI news bulletin by the RT.


27 August 2004 12:32

Sorry I must have missed that in my 5 years of science study.

You fail to appreciate/understand the difference between a "Chelsea Tractor" and a gentleman's carriage.

 The National Enquirer and the Fortean Times may be more accurate than Country Life but I fail to see how they can be compared. Are you perhaps wishing to impress with you reading list? (failed)

It is time the RT flexed their muscles and got out a little more. They should not be so Parish Pump. Suggest you treat them to a subscription to the first rate magazine Cornwall Today that has a remarkable upbeat style and tends to highlight many of the great success stories in Cornwall.

Vile Jelly

27 August 2004 14:05

Obviously. Still, there's always time to make up for wasted opportunities and learn something valuable.

Four wheel drive, expensive, completely superfluous to suburban commuting requirements? What's the difference, then?

I don't actually read any of them but, metaphorically speaking, I'd sooner admit to reading 'Bishops 'n' Choirboys X-treme Porn' rather than C[o]untry Life!

The name of the electric papyrus is Spooky ST. IVES. I would have thought that that would be a bit of a clue to even the hard of understanding.


27 August 2004 15:26

Chelsea Tractor = usually immaculate, not a scratch or dent or even minor blemish on the coachwork. Immaculate inside with pristine leather seating etc

gentleman's 4x4 - dented from hitting posts, trees, assorted shrubbery and coachwork scratched and tarnished. Usually rather muddy with rust showing through somewhere. Signs of having accomadated animal life (in addition to wife/children). Usually ten plus years old.

Often you bearded types are into that sort of thing. Do you have open toe sandles to wear with socks and how many choirboys do you know. Did you board at school?

The RT will never improve if they are confined to an area of, it would seem, so little news. Give them a chance!

Vile Jelly

28 August 2004 10:23

And still absolutely essential for the suburban school run.

I don't know any choirboys and didn't board at school. You're obviously confusing me with your own kind.

Oh, there's plenty of news down here it's just that the RT are having a break from reporting it because it only upsets you when the Surrey conquistadors are constantly shown to be so horrible. Maybe they'll put a couple of snippets in for you this week.

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