Helen Bristol

20 September 2004 14:37

Local news

Have you seen www.DevonCornwall @sugarvine.com?

Vile Jelly

20 September 2004 15:59

Nope. You are giving me duff info. A www is a web address but something with an @ in is an e-mu address. You seem to be giving both and Internet Exploder [sic] is sticking two fingers up at it. Can you claret-fy the correct link address.
Acshually, I think if you bother to check the useful lynx in SSI (hem, hem) you'll find that Mr. Sugarvine is indeed already there. Haven't had the time to rummage through it much though. Was there anything in particular you've spotted.

Helen Bristol

20 September 2004 17:57

Oops, I'll get the hang of this electronicky communication soon.  I'm sure I didn't get Sugarvine from SSI.  I thought I'd found it when I was surfing about looking for something interesting. N-E way they've modified the address slightly.  New eatery called Papillon on Tregenna Hill (I think) and Russets got a bronze medal in the Taste of the West and the SI Fringe Jazz festival is happening at Papillon, Russets, Blue Fish and Portwgidden.  Thought the RT would have told you all this.

Vile Jelly

21 September 2004 09:33

They did but I don't pay much (well, any, to be honest) attention to St. Ives restaurants. Mainly for the same reason that I don't pay any attention to the Property section of the Cornish papyri or the latest Ferrari catalogue!
And I wouldn't recommend jazz to my worst enemy (OK, maybe Winwaloe but he'd probably like it so it wouldn't work). People occasionally plays bits of jazz to me and I keep wondering when the band are going to finish tuning up their instruments and start playing some music.

Helen Bristol

21 September 2004 18:52

Philistine!  What do you like then?

Vile Jelly

22 September 2004 09:30

No, I'm more of a Braun man than a Phillishave.

I'm a musical gourmand, rather than gourmet, and can listen to (or at least tolerate) most forms of music udder than jazz (due to aforementioned lack of tunefulness), dance/trance muzak (due to it all being the same hyper-drumbeat with a bit of wurlitzer synth melody tacked on top) and hip-hop (due to it being talentless drivel).

If you want me to be more pacific, off the top of my head, in alpha male order ..... badlydrawnboy, bigcountry, blacksorrows, katebush, coldplay, dido, eagles, petergabriel, genesis, thejam, ledzeppelin, johnmellencamp, tompetty, thepolice, rem, runrig, rush, simon&garfunkel, brucespringsteen, travis, u2 to name a phew!

Helen Bristol

23 September 2004 18:09

Obviously it depends on the style of jazz.  An eclectic collection then?

Vile Jelly

24 September 2004 10:05

I prefer the 'silent' style. No, mostly a CD collection, ashley.

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