Helen Bristol

20 September 2004 09:13

Re: Critique

Restraint, unlikely as it may sound, is probably the answer.
The problem with them, apart from where they're sited, is all that nooclear waste they keep producing.  The rest I agree with.
Sadly, no, but it's a good idea for a future get-together.  We had rather good skool dinners, so much so that 8 of us would "bag" a 20-seated refectory table for ourselves and the grub for 20 to boot. And then go back and ask for more!
We stayed at the Angel in Lavenham, a town that's all timber framed buildings, home from home really. Back b******* up so wasn't able to take the guided tour.  Food mostly good except the chef couldn't do poached eggs ( one of these days I'm going to summon up enough courage to send them back when that happens and say I'll go and cook them myself) and a waitress who looked completely blank when I asked if the smoked haddock was undied. But dinner there was good, as were the other meals at other establishments.
One our number is a joint master of the hunt but had the good sense not to talk too much about it - either that or his wife told him to shut up.
Got the carpenters in today replacing the attic stairs so I'm confined to my study.

Vile Jelly

20 September 2004 15:59

Well, whatever makes you feel good ..... I generally find the 'face down' approach does it for me. Mind you, it's even better if you are one of the RT. I've checked and, bugger me, they do have hollow legs!
That's why any self-respecting conurbation has garden allotments. Nuclear waste makes an excellent mulch and you can grow all sorts of things with it ..... green fingers, extra head, etc.
Got the tradesmen in again, eh? Well, I hope you learned from your previous mistake and ensured an adequate number of wine vats were in situ before they put you in solitary confinement

Helen Bristol

20 September 2004 17:46

But only short little ones, so where does the rest of it go? Can't be doing with all this spinning round so make sure I don't need to.
I really do  think you've got the wrong imprssion - my life doesn't depend on copious vats of vino... the occaisional bottle will suffice.

Vile Jelly

21 September 2004 09:33

See, now there you go casting mashed urchins at the RT. One minute you're saying that you have been misrepresented in 'Vats-o-wine-gate' and then you accuse the RT of being alkies. Just because they spend all their time in the pub doesn't mean that they are always getting hammered. As Gill will tell you, Flat Eric hardly made a dent in his pint while she and Paul were down the Slurp.
You've probably got them confused with my and BM's quaffing speeds. (My excuse is there was only a small amount of time available between commencing drinking and last orders as I had been slaving all day in the Castle dungeons. What's his?)

Helen Bristol

21 September 2004 18:56

No I'm not.  I simply commented that their legs are longitudinaly challenged. Glad to hear that Flat Eric has been allowed out to represent the RT, we've only met a Sonic, a Shaun and a VJ.
BM's? doesn't need one.

Vile Jelly

22 September 2004 09:37

But that observation of non-longitudinal legs clearly implies that their longitudeliness is insufficient to account for the amount of alcohol consumed. If you remember the RT were round at your (Lucy's) place last time we were in the Slurp. Well, shirley you're not complaining about meeting S and S and, as Meat Loaf once observed, two out of three ain't bad.
Now that's a proper drinker. No need for the baggage of lame excuses and shifty evasions. Now, back to these vats .... !

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