Steve McIntosh

29 October 2004 12:59

Kidz R Us


A while ago I asked you to feature St Ives Fringe Festival on your website.

This generated a lot of hits for the festival.  

I wondered if you might do the same for Kidz R Us:  

We are trying to boost ticket sales for our Christmas show and the programme for 2005.

Full details are on the website, or I can send you info and pictures  

We would be extremely grateful for your help and will feature a link to you in exchange.  


Steve McIntosh

Webmaster Ė Kidz R Us

Vile Jelly

29 October 2004 15:51

I did? Well, as Graham Norton would say, bugger me! I didn't think anyone really tuned into SSI apart from a few die-hard kindred souls.
Delighted that the link helped you out and I'll put a link for Sprogz in when I do the next update. (Might be slightly late as I have to some how try and survive my (F-word that follows 39th) birthday on Sunday). The links pages are a permanent fixture but the news gets updated weekly so if there are any particular events/shows/thingies you would like promoted, let me know and I'll promulgate them on the news bulletins as well as keeping the main link.

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