Garden Of Feedin'

Liz Ringrose

29 May 2002 15:20

Open Gardens??

Hello Team [Hello Liz]

I don't know if you'll receive this email [we'll let you know if we don't]. BTConnect are "experiencing difficulties" which means I am too. In fact I might take them to task because they go on to say, "We expect to have it resolved shorty." Now I don't know about you but I think that's a blatant "height-ist" remark. OK, so I'm only 5 foot tall but that's my business.

Anyroadup, I was wondering if there is any hint that St Ives will be hosting "Open Gardens" again this June (See Lurker At The Threshold). Do you know of a link [most of the links down here are of the missing variety] that might be able to tell me?

Yours, walking under chairs


Reporting Team

30 May 2002 09:51

Excuse rush, Jelly has got to go to the slave pits.

News hot off the presses. Gardens open Sat/Sun June 8/9 (rude vicar
optional). Will despatch the Vile One to get more info asap.

Reporting Team

31 May 2002 09:54

Attached (hopefully) are the scanned images of the all-expenses-spared
programme for the garden thingy. Apologies for quality, apparently Mr. Caxton was out of town at the time so the organisers had to get pupils from the infant school to make the programme using hand-cut potato prints!

Programme for 2002 Hidden Garden Tour in St. Ives, Cornwall 1 Programme for 2002 Hidden Garden Tour in St. Ives, Cornwall 2

Actually, we don't normally attend these things ourselves (the Shauns keep trying to eat the displays!) but who could refuse all that nosh. 

And what's more they appear (and admittedly we have only just started at St. Ives School so our reading is a bit iffy) to be selling planted pot! We thought that was still illegal but, on the other hand, it will save us having to mess about trying to grow the stuff from seed.

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