Gill Richards

16 November 2004 10:13

RE: pah

Unfortunately i can't, it doesn't go away, unless i was off for months........ I need a mushless brain for doing this lark, there are very few bits of it that can be done without thinking.
And they're on the shop shelves available for everyone to buy!!
ps don;t tend to watch the nudes, it's full of misery and woe (and the American election recently) and i don;t want to be depressed. However, it doesn't surprise me. Most people tend to think they can chop a few veg or carry a plate. I did catch the local news; a girlie was please that she had reached assistant manager quickly, however, she was still cooking the ....pizzas!!
I would

Vile Jelly

16 November 2004 15:23

Time to start developing that non-specific work-related stress problem then!

Or shoplift.

Well, you'd said "I wouldn't go there anyway. 1. it would cost money, 2. i don't like other people, 3. it would cost money, 4. i wouldn't be able to
chat to you and buy you beer." So I said "Excellent. True, very sensible,
true and true."

Well, in the skivvying trade they don't shorten the title to Ass Man for nothing. Anyone dumb enough to end up in such a position soon finds out that means they either have to kiss it or have theirs kicked.

I did. (But don't tell the authorities).

Gill Richards

16 November 2004 15:58

I shall think about it


no, what might i forget - it was a joke, but it's lost it's humour somehow.

i think they might know

Vile Jelly

17 November 2004 09:40

And don't forget to call Claims Direct as soon as you decide to go ahead with the scam.

MMIV, I think you'll find.

No, I was referring to your comments re. visiting me in t'Castle dungeon. That's why it doesn't make sense. Well ..... makes even less sense than it did originally. Nevermind.

Bugger! Who do you think tipped them off. Have I got enough to bribe them to look the other way or do you think I should disguise myself as Cherie Blair and claim immunity from prosecution for all my 'business ventures'?

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