Andrew Macdonald

07 December 2004 11:24

RE: You are not alone.

Witch hazel.
Shouldn't that be "txt drvl"?
Thank you.  I've been looking for them for ages.
Think about it.  If chickens never crossed the road, well, they'd never get to the other side would they?

Vile Jelly

07 December 2004 15:42

Why Aye Man.
I bow to your (mother) superior (norman) wisdom. I have no involvement with the infernal thing as, personally, I don't believe in text before marriage.
When in doubt, look down the back of the sofa. You should know that by now. Mind you, so should the CIA and it still hasn't occurred to them to look for OBL down the back of Dubya's.
But, if a chicken raced an egg across the road, which would come first?

Andrew Macdonald

07 December 2004 17:04

Scots, Wha Hae......
Along with Lord Lucan and Shergar?  Thought the sofa was getting a bit lumpy.
Depends on the camber.

Vile Jelly

08 December 2004 15:55

Aha, a member of the McDyslexic tribe, then. Or were they just too poor to be able to afford complete words?
Not to mention Fred Noonan and Amelia Earhart.
If it holds them both up would that make it a queue camber?

Andrew Macdonald

10 December 2004 13:58

But why bother to pay for all those extra letters when it's perfectly clear without them?  Ye'll have had yer tea, then?
Nobody's answering to Glen Miller or Amy Johnson either.
No, but if it turned out to be an ecologically friendly light source it could well be Camberwick Green

Vile Jelly

10 December 2004 15:44

Only if you're scotch (or full of it). Still, as you're lot say ...
Alba nam beanntan ard
Nan achraichean lom
Thairis air na lochan mointich
Nan coilltean 's nan gleann
Had a glass of Glenmiller once, much prefer Talisker. And, Amy Johnson didn't disappear, she merely failed to successfully integrate an aircraft and the Thames.
Anyway, I thought camber was that bunch of bleurks who organised real ale festivals.

Andrew Macdonald

10 December 2004 18:04

Couldn't have put it better myself.
Or possibly was rather too successful integrating an aircraft and the Thames.
That's camera.  Hence camera obscura.
Must dash.  I've got to go and order the sprouts for Christmas.

Vile Jelly

11 December 2004 10:04

Oh go on, have a try.
But to claim a flight record you have to take off and land the thing in one piece (which, apparently, was why all the secrecy about Gagarin's landing according to a rather spiffy prog I saw years ago about the Russian space programme. Another perfectly good conspiracy theory blown out of the water).
I thought a camera obscura was one of those people who walk right across in front of you just as you click the shutter.
Buy the lot. I don't want any of the little green buggers darkening my doorstep.

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