Gill Richards

13 December 2004 11:36

RE: pah

No, paintings, tat and ice cream. Only so much that you want.

I was too young to develop an opinion; there wasn't anything else on that i know of, I certainly wouldn't want to rewatch them. Or the bow with 'a present from Iraq'.

Work has gone back to the level that i can manage - time to go for tea, do some xmas shopping and read the funny emails doing the rounds.

Vile Jelly

13 December 2004 16:23

Exactedly, as Waldemar Januscak would (and did) say.

Mock me not in my frail dotage. You young people today, no respect for us auld uns. If it wasn't for us the world wouldn't be what it is today ..... Bugger! Didn't think that one through.

How can that be? I thought all employers these days operated on the basis of giving everyone more than they can possibly cope with but just not enough so that they top themselves (apart from busy periods when extra effort will be required). You're welcome to the Crimbo shopping. One of the reasons why I try to cultivate strangers and enemies rather than friends is so I don't have to make much of an effort at this time of year.

Gill Richards

15 December 2004 12:00

if you say, or he does, or did.

There is a film out of the Magic Roundabout. Apart from the fact that it would be a crime to redo it, it is apparently absolutely rubbish. Don't mess with perfection i say.

An office, you know, works to completely different rules to the catering business. That is why around crimbo, you are busy and we are not. You are feeding us at our parties!!!

Vile Jelly

15 December 2004 15:46

I do and he did.

They should have used the Jasper Carrott song as the script of the film. That might have made it worth watching.

Thank you for reminding me of that joyous fact. You also forgot to mention that when you are not busy you go to parties and when we are not busy we get fired. Sounds like a cushy number at your place, any jobs going?

Gill Richards

15 December 2004 15:51

good song that.

Ashley, yes. Shall i put a word in?

Vile Jelly

16 December 2004 09:36

Pity the Beeb insisted on playing Funky Moped instead. Just think how the course of world history might have been changed if the yoof of yesterday had had their minds opened to that version of events rather than the official MR line they followed on the TV!

Ta but hang on just a mo. Fings may be about to happen elstwhere. Many rivers but only one sea to cross.

Gill Richards

16 December 2004 11:48

Can't remember it acshually, i did like Dougal though; Blue Peter made a good version with wool and a toilet roll tube.

ooh how exciting. I have found a glitch in my party/work combination. If you don't drink enough generally and then over do it on the annual party you suffer the next morning. Thank goodness for spell checker....

Vile Jelly

17 December 2004 11:47

Glorified bog-brush or some such was, I think, the phrase Florence used to describe Dougal in the song, if I dismember rightly.

Good lord, what an interesting discovery. Perhaps you could get a government grant to research it further. I must admit I would never have thought that the spell-checker would work as a hangover cure!

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