Tony Bennett

29 December 2004 09:56

Your departure

Dear Paul,
I'm sorry to see that you are leaving St Ives, although with the work situation here, I'm amazed you have stayed as long as you have. I'm going to miss your site, it was good to read something other then the rose tinted views normally presented of St Ives and Cornwall.
I would like to wish you and the reporting team all the best and thank you for all the entertainment and information you have given us since I found your site. I always planned on trying to meet you and buy you a pint or several, maybe this will still happen before you leave for the Isle.
All the best
Tony Bennet & family.

Vile Jelly

29 December 2004 10:18

You're not THE Tony Bennett are you? If you are, I've just been contacted by a cardiac unit in San Francisco. Apparently you left something valuable behind after your last visit!
My movements, bowel or otherwise, are likely to be in a state of flux for the next couple of weeks but you never know, we might bump into each other in the Slurp. Failing that you can always leave a couple of thou' behind the bar to subsidise the RT's next round of drinks. I'm sure they'll be regularly re-visiting their old haunts.

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