Ed Care

30 December 2004 16:08

Your farewell

Just returned from holidays and read your news.  I understand what you are doing, nevertheless, I am very saddened by it.

You have provided a much needed link for me to St. Ives and you have done it with a wonderful blend of humor and cynicism.  Your command of the language (pick one) has been a joy.  Please keep us updated on your adventures. Again thanks for the many enjoyable and informative hours you have given us.

Best of luck and a very Happy New Year!

Vile Jelly

31 December 2004 10:49

Cheers chummer, it has been a blast.

Yes, it's a bit of a wrench to be leaving the burg after trying so hard to make a living (as opposed to a mere existence) but, as Blackadder once observed, needs must when the devil vomits in your lap.

At least I'm not having to go as far north as Canada or as far west as Texas as your ancestors had to to feed the family!

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