John Kernick

03 January 2005 03:09


Sorry to see Spooky St Ives will soon be a thing of the past, it was fun while it lasted. Perhaps anyone who contributed to or read Spooky St Ives could do the same on HayleEye - Yes I know its Hayle - Not St Ives but I'm sure if enough readers/contributors were willing it could be expanded!
Please visit
John K

Vile Jelly

03 January 2005 10:11

Hah, you'll be lucky. Virtually everything on SSI was the exclusive handiwork (pawiwork?) of the Reporting Team. About the only worthwhile third party contribution I got was Andrew Macdonald's excellent haranguing of the St. Ives eating experience. SSI will probably still remain 'live' on the internet, albeit hibernating. Feel free to link to it if you want.
PS. The Hayle Eye isn't quite what I expected. Nothing like the London Eye is it? Perhaps you could ask ING to throw a giant ferris wheel in for free when they spend more than all of Cornwall is actually worth redecorating Hayle!

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