Rick Parsons

03 January 2005 09:34

We're off to see the wizard ...

... very sorry to hear you are going, your site has been a breath of fresh air into the land. Any chance of leaving the site up as an archive - at least the narrative bits?

Very best wishes for your future and watch you don't lose your tail.

If you come across a guy called QUIRK (Eric and Cath of that ilk), send my regards. I think he is a native but passed through this way a few years ago before a short stretch in kiltland.

Rick Parsons

West Penwith Resources http://west-penwith.org.uk/

Vile Jelly

03 January 2005 10:17


The current plan is that SSI will remain on th' internet for the foreseeable future, albeit parked up in a lay-by on the information superhighway.

PS. Everyone on the IoM is called Quirk (or Quayle, Corkish, Quine, Fayle, Fargher, etc. Even Kelly!). Like the Cornish the Manx don't seem to have felt any need to invent new surnames more than once a millennium.

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