It's Only Words

Here is a brief glossary of Cornish words which frequently appear in place names:-

An The
Bal Mine or Digging
Bar Top
Beagle Shepherd or Small Hill
Bos Dwelling or Home
Bre/Brea Hill
Car/Caer/Ker Fort or Enclosed Place
Carn Rock Pile
Carrack Rock
Chy House
Coose/Cos/Goose Woods
Craze Middle
Crows Cross or Crossing
Deen/Din/Dun Fort
Dhu Black
Dinas Castle or Stronghold
Dour/Dowr Water
Eglos Church
Enys Island
Forth Road, Path or Way
Garth Enclosure
Gelly/Gilly Grove
Glas/Glaze Blue, Grey or (occasionally) Green!
Gwel/Gweal Field or View
Gwidden/Gwyn/Gwen White
Hal/Hale/Hall Moor
Hayl/Hel River or Estuary
Hen Old
Kernewek Cornish
Kernow Cornwall
Lan (Sacred) Enclosure
Melyn Mill
Men Stone
Meor Great or Big
Mor Sea
Nans/Nance Valley
Parc Field
Pen Head, Top or End
Pol Pool or Pond
Pons/Ponds/Pont Bridge
Porth Cove
Pras/Praze Meadow
Re/Red/Res Ford
Ros/Rose Heath
Ruth Red
Towan Sandhill or Dune
Tre Farm, Dwelling or Town
Treth/Treath (usually as a suffix) Beach
Venton Well
Wheal Mine
Zance/Sans Holy

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