1 October 2004

Thought For The Week

Veagh ad maynrey dy jinnin goll dy valley.

[They would be happy if I would go home.]

A Sign O' The Times?

Are the natives getting restless?

There may not yet be the sound of war drums beating along the Tamar but there do seem to be signs of increasingly strident resistance from the Cornish maquis. This week has seen the return of seemingly militant graffiti on Portreath Pier.

Only last week a graffito saying 'Locals Only' in white paint was removed by contractors. Now it has been replaced by a message in large yellow letters saying 'LOCALS ONLY!'.

The authorities remain baffled as to who might be responsible and what the message means.

Thieving Illegitimate People

Some git or, more probably, gits stole the RNLI flag from the top of the St. Ives Lifeboat station at some point between last Friday evening and Saturday morning.

PC Scott Perkin said "I hope the people responsible for this theft never find they need the services of a lifeboat".

SSI says we hope that these people do need the services of the lifeboat and it's too busy looking for its flag to come to their rescue.

A Fate Worse Than Death?

Got a nasty shock when perusing the pages of T'Cornishman this week when I saw a headline that sent shivers of fear and loathing through my jelliness:-

Councils Want To Maintain Status Quo In Penzance

Fortunately, once I'd recovered consciousness I discovered it was a dull story about representation in the county council and nothing to do with the three chord atrocities of Messrs Rossi, Parfitt and co.

Operation Market Garden

Following last week's nudes that they had won the Britain In Bloom Compo it has now been revealed that, as a result, St. Ives and Cardboard Bay have qualified for next year's European Championships. Whether this competition is played over two legs with away flowers counting double has yet to be revealed.

Hopefully, however, given the inordinate number of sausage-gobblers who visit St. Ives every year, we have already got the German vote sewn up!

Let's just hope it doesn't turn into a hanging basket too far.

It's Not Easy Being Me!

Pah! Flat Eric thinks he's got it bad with his monster munch hands but he should try being me at this time of year. Yes, as a certain day at the end of October approaches I find myself being constantly hunted by people with amusingly-shaped pastry cutters.

For what purpose I dread to think!

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