7 November 2003

Administering A Good Arts-Kicking!

So, the 'angry torchlit mob on a dark and stormy night' thing does actually work.

Hot on the heels of the successful repelling of the Porthmeor houses scam it has now been announced that the old fogies' homes in Meadow Flats will definitely not be demolished to make room for further Tate crimes against humanity.

Cornwall County Council have announced that they would not go ahead with that version of the expansion plan as there seemed to be some slight difference of opinion over it; i.e. they and the Tate thought it was a good idea and absolutely everybody else thought it wasn't!

It does seem likely that the Tate will still expand to make room for further atrocities but their likely target for 'lebensraum' will probably involve Barnoon car park.

As most of that area is parking for emmets (usually visiting the Tate) the phrase cutting one's nose off etc. springs to mind!

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Bad news if you've booked your summer hols in St. Ives next year .....

Trenwith Car Park is going to be Penwith's first solar-powered car park.

So, expect a lot of rain next year!

For The Earth Is Holly And I Have Touched The Sky

One bright light in the endless darkness of Vile Jelly's spawnday 'celebrations' was another raid by serial Spookyist, Holly Chambers (and minders).

Declining the opportunity to win bugger all in the Meat Draw they handed VJ a burpday card (with beer tokens enclosed!) and sensibly legged it.

Several hours later VJ decided that he had had enough and would go while he was still 'compost mentis' before he embarrassed himself.

Thanks to those concerned persons who contacted Gweek about Alfie The Seal putting in a dangerous reappearance but that was actually VJ who flobbled out of the Sloop!

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