10 September 2004

Thought For The Week

Daag mee y thie lhionney s'girroo 'sy Jiass.

[I left the roughest pub in the south.]

Haven't Got The Foggiest!

It never rains but it pours ..... Actually, I don't think it rained last Sunday but it was hard to tell, what with all the fog!

The sambanauts went ahead with their world record attempt on Porthmeor Beach. I think. It was difficult to tell under the circumstances. Anyway there were official witnesses (namely Mayor Harry 'Kari' Isaacs and Police Officeress Trudi Pitts) so no skullduggery should have taken place.

We now have to wait several weeks for the Guinness peeps to confirm whether the world record was broken (don't ask me why, perhaps they are slow counters).

In the meantime here is the Reporting Team's artistic impression of the record-breaking attempt! sambanauts.jpg (1243 bytes)

Keep the Sprogs Locked Up

Yet further proof that god does not like ems with children. After an August full of fairly naff weather, no sooner do the little buggers get re-incarcerated in skool than .....

Told you you should avoid the skool hellidays. The weather has been absolutely fantastic this week. The sun was out, the sky was blue and there wasn't a sprog to spoil the view.

So, if you want to enjoy yourself next Summer you know what to do!

A Matter Of Life And Death

The St. Ives lifeboat has been in and out like the proverbial fiddler's elbow this last week or so. Between them the big boat and the little boat (aka the all-weather and the inshore boats) were launched 12 times in 7 days. Amongst other rescues they had to fish ems off the rocks between Porthminster point and Cardboard Bay for the fourth time this Summer. Clearly, the ems are getting dumber every year. Maybe we should reinforce the warnings by letting the next lot drown. You'd think twice about carelessly wandering around the rocks if there was a flock of human skellingtons on them, wouldn't you?

Anyway, should you be visiting the burg kindly remember that the people rescuing you are unpaid volunteers and the RNLI is completely unfunded by the government. So, if (as appears to be the case) you have some surplus cash to blow, give it to the lifeboat not some non-resident dole-swindling hairbraider or free-loading drop-out.

Enjoy The Silence

Winwaloe definitely seems to have buggered off, thank gawd. We have been celebrating with some particularly silly e-mu correspondence this week ..... because we can.

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