12 November 2004

Thought For The Week

C'raad ta'n berreen veg? T'ee ayns y dragane mooar shen.

[Where is the little cake? It is in that big dragon.]

So Close And Yet So Far.

The wrinklies were (no doubt for sinister parental purposes) visiting the Tate yesterday. As they went to leave they noticed a burning smell and on exiting discovered that the fag bin immediately outside the front entrance was on fire.

Unfortunately, they pointed this out to the Tate and the fire was put out before any serious good could be done!

Udder Than Dat ...

..... I really can't be arsed this week. Too many things have gone wrong, are going wrong and will have gone wrong by the time you read this.

So, you're on your own this week. I may be back next week if I can find:-

Some news

The Reporting Team

The will to live

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