21 November 2003

Ladies & Gentlemen, Can We Have Your Glasses Please!

Like a judge hitting you over the head with the complete works of William Wordsworth, poetic justice struck with a vengeance recently.

The owner of the Chinese fashion emporium, Jan-Jan Sen, on Fish Street was goofing off work for an ice cream when a friendly, neighbourhood seagull swooped and ran (well, flapped) off with her glasses.

If you're wondering where the poetic justice bit comes in .....

Well, Jan-Jan Sen flogs designer shoes to fashion victims. And if you'd seen the prices they go for .....

..... never has the phrase 'being robbed blind' been so apposite!

Crisis? What Crisis?

Police chief, Ken Wilkins, has gone on record in a recent meeting saying that he is praying for rain on New Year's Eve and that if something isn't done to reduce the numbers someone will be killed or seriously injured.

While agreeing wholeheartedly with the first sentiment and the general need to curb the event before it all goes Heysel on us we can not, in all conscience, support his second sentiment.

At this stage of proceedings there is no need to take hostages and threaten them!

Crazy Paving

Mixed news.

The accursed bollards (temporary measure now entering their third year) are (allegedly) going to be removed. In stead, the pavement on the seaward side is to be extended and the road way moved closer to the buildings.

While this move may restrict the available restaurant/bar sitting out space it does also promise the enticing (and amusing prospect) of all the itinerant summer traders covering the pavement.

Thus forcing the visitors onto the road.

Thus forcing the traffic onto the pavement where it will have to duke it out with the aforementioned parasites.

I wonder if we'll be able to flog the highlights to Sky for their Extreme Sports programme!

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