28 November 2003

Dream On!

Visitors to St. Ives who are familiar with the bus station on the Malakoff may have wondered what's actually underneath it.

Bugger all and the remains of the Cauldron Cafe to be precise.

Now plans have been submitted to Penwith planners for a high quality (as if there'd be any other sort, as Andrew Mac would tell you!) restaurant. The developers also hope to attract a 'celebrity chef'.

Well, Stein's in Padster and Woodford has (or had when I was there) a place on the Isle of Man. Delia Smith owns Norwich and I can't see Gordon Ramsay being able to get his head round the d'reckly culture. I suppose Marco Pierre White would fit in with the long-standing arts tradition of complete loonies.

Just as long as it's not that smug twat, Jamie Oliver.

Fishful Thinking

Good news for people who want to enjoy a taste of St. Ives. Visitors who have frequented various fooderies will be familiar with the ubiquitous 'Cornish Trio of Fish'.

Well, now, courtesy of Matthew Stevens you can enjoy them in the luxury of your own home.

Yes, the Piscine Products of the Penbeagle Industrial Estate are now available on the internet (so it's true that you can download prawn on the internet!).

Check it out at www.fishinajiffy.com.

Is It Just Me Or Has The World Gone Completely Mad?

Another nail in the coffin of those who take modern art seriously.

At an In Need Of Children charity auction Penzance couple, Phillip and Nadine Nicholls, paid £135 for a painting*.

To be precise it was a painting by a four year old. To be very precise it was a painting by their own four year old son!

Said the proud parent, "I think we have got a little Picasso on our hands. He just loves painting and will do eight or ten pieces at a time".

At that rate of production he's more likely to be a budding Tom Keating! Mind you, at those sort of prices a Picasso would probably be cheaper to get hold of.

* It was called 'Dragon' but I saw the photo of it in the paper. It's an absolutely bog-standard Polyphant**.

** For definition of Polyphant see this week's e-mail correspondence with Gill Richards (Party Til You Drop (Goal)!) re. Douglas Adam's Meaning of Liff book.

As Time Goes By

More St. Ives goodies available on the internet.

Morek Cards of Towednack have produced a St. Ives 2004 calendar featuring seasonal piccies of the burg, including an old photo of the flood of 1894.

It can be ordered using the electric mail via morekmaritime@ukonline.co.uk.

Alternatively, bung a bag of swag to the Reporting Team at the usual address, get a cheapo calendar and stick some of my photos on it to create your own unique personalised product.

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