23 January 2004

Skullduggery On The High Seas?

It is being claimed that a Breton fishing vessel which sank with the loss of all hands in a gale off the Lizard a week yesterday may have been rammed.

The Bugaled Breizh had been parked in Newlyn to avoid the worst of the weather when the skipper decided that conditions had improved enough for them to be able to sail home. Only hours later a distress call was received from another fishing vessel saying that they had seen the trawler capsize and sink.

Now the french authorities investigating the sinking have produced photographs, claiming that they show evidence of an extremely violent impact on the starboard bow, consistent with the trawler having been rammed by 'a large and powerful vessel of the container ship type'.

Why The Tate Should Be Burned Down

(Part 318 of a short series!)

Yes, folks, you were right all the time; it's not you, the world really has gone mad.

In the unlikely event that you needed a reason to despise the world of modern 'art' and hold in utter contempt the pseuds that inhabit it, try this on for size.

As you are hopefully aware, attempts are being made to preserve for posterity the world famous Leach Pottery in the face of rampant greed from property speculators and ineffectual hand-wringing wishful thinking from allegedly concerned organisations. It has now been revealed in a recent report that both the Tate and Victoria & Albert organisations have been approached for help but declined any assistance on the grounds that 'pottery was regarded as a craft rather than an art-form'.

I'm sorry ...... and those stinking piles of pre-schooler drivel put on display at the Tate are what exactly?

Which, preferably with the pseuds inside it at the time, is why .....

We're On The Eve Of Obstruction

Talking about a load of old bollards, the latter are finally due to be removed from the Wharf. The only problem is that they can't actually start work until they have found a drain. Apparently, there was a drain near the old Lifeboat House (now the Alba restaurant) which was moved when the new Lifeboat House was built. Unfortunately, no one can remember where they left it so in the meantime .....

Given Cormac's usual ruthless efficiency in scheduling roadworks for school holidays I suggest would-be visitors check regularly the traffic info around the Easter hols!

A Pronouncement

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