Harbouring Grudges

OK, was anyone paying attention at the start when I mentioned the tide?

By the time we got back to St. Ives the tide was out. Which meant you could certainly walk to the end of Smeaton's Pier but you sure as hell weren't going to be able to park your boat at the end of Smeaton's Pier.

However, panic ye not. St. Ives had another pier before Mr. Smeaton came along. That pier is long gone but there is still a concrete jetty there which you could (just) nestle the boat alongside.

Arriving back in St. Ives, Harbour, Cornwall 1 So, it's just a simple case of getting off this bobbing boat onto a slippery, wet jetty.
Arriving back in St. Ives, Harbour, Cornwall 2 However, having Air/Sea Rescue hovering overhead is not exactly filling some with confidence.

Nevertheless, we avoid major trauma and are all back on dry land ..... or so the unsuspecting may think!

Arriving back in St. Ives, Harbour, Cornwall 3 Just time for a pleasant farewell chat with Captain Birdseye .....
Arriving back in St. Ives, Harbour, Cornwall 4 ..... and then a casual saunter home for all.

Except me. I'm taking my trainers off .....

..... because I know where this jetty goes.


You see, that's one of the advantages about getting in with the St. Ives (sea) urchins. When the tide's right they go jumping of this jetty some times. It's good for jumping off because .....

..... it just comes to a dead end before it reaches Smeaton's Pier.

The water wasn't deep. Just deep enough to seriously inconvenience anyone not wearing shorts.

No problemo, then. Five minutes later I am relaxing in the Sloop. Mind you, some of the others may still be stuck out there dithering for all I know!

Arriving back in St. Ives, Harbour, Cornwall 5 Conclusive proof that God has a sense of humour.

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