The Wild West (Country)


Arrogance Ignorance and Greed

Arrogance Ignorance and Greed

(Beer, Knightley & Sykes??)

Cold Frontier

A Roman in the gloamin’ finds that the Empire stops at the Tamar. Experiencing the full glories of the weather in the British Summer (hence the effect the cold front is having on his ears) he finds himself trapped as the centuries pass and all their great works fall to ruin (and are replaced by rubbish modern ruins).


The real, actual, original Alianza CD!

Country Life

The actual truth (for those of you who can bear to take the rose-tinted emmet spectacles off).


(Rare as rocking horse poo!


We got our copy signed too)


The real, actual, original Alianza CD!

Arizona Smoke Review

Arizona Smoke Review

(Meanwhile, somewhere in a parallel universe ...)

Innocents’ Song/Gwithian

Fed up with whining, consumer-frenzied, small children at Christmas? Traumatise them with this song derived from a poem by Cornish poet Charles Causley set to a fine piece of Phil Beer fiddlework. It won’t stop them staying awake all Christmas Eve but instead of lying in bed hoping that Santa will visit, they’ll be cowering under the duvet praying that he doesn’t!

Track Of Words

Track Of Words

(Steve solo)

Widecombe Fair

An outrageous lie. As a Tory politician and a ‘bottle blonde’ she is most definitely not, on at least two counts!

Elsewhere, on Dartmoor, ..... death and sex ..... or possibly sex, then death .....

Anyway, back to the song ......

What do you mean, that is the song?


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