Luters Pirates And Thieves!


Cruel River

Cruel River

(Steve solo)

The Dive

Havenít had a chance to listen to this one much yet but from the title we gather it must be a song about one of the pubs in St. Ives.

Sonic: Actually it is a song about the mysterious bond between parent and sprog.

Shaun: What mysterious bond?

Sonic: You know, like how your parents can always sense what you're up to.

Shaun: Aha, so when we come home late at night that's how Vile Jelly knows we've been to the pub!

Sonic: ... errr ..... sort of. 

Western Approaches

Western Approaches

Witts, Lakeman, Knightley??

The fools! Some idiot has printed the CD cover image back to front!



A hearty musical blast against the dissolution of ethnic Englishness by the twin evils of Amercanisation and Chavi-ness. In a country that now claims Chicken Tikka Masala as itís favourite national dish, Steve trills in praise of the humble English potato, parsnip, carrot, etc.

Just don't ask him to play Duelling Pies on his American Banjo ..... Unless you're the sort of person who'd enjoy being rushed to A&E to have a mandocello surgically extracted from your posterior!


Phil Beer Band - Live at Mandorock 2000

Mandorock 2000

(Phil Beer Band)


The Napoli

Nothing changes (least of all Vile Jelly's socks!). Steve Knightley returns to a familiar theme a mere two or three centuries after Tall Ships*.

A semi-tongue in cheek song depicting the ransacking of the container ship the Napoli, which ran aground on the Devon Coast a couple of years ago causing erstwhile sober and law-abiding citizens to instantly regress to a bunch of feral savages. Phil and Miranda fiddle and Steve lutes to salute the Lyme Bay looters on the fiddle at Branscombe!

* That's as in a few centuries after the events depicted in Tall Ships, not as in it took Knightley 250 or so years to write a sequel to the song. He's not THAT old!

Phil Beer - Hard Works

Hard Works

(Phil Beer Solo)

Arrogance Ignorance and Greed

A.I.G. Arrogance, Ignorance and Greed. 

Not to be confused with A.H.G., which is Andrew Henry George, MP for St Ives.

Oh hello, what does that hyperlink do ...

Oh, sorry, our mistake. 'Twould appear the two are inter-changeable after all. Who'd have thunk it, eh?


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