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Phil Beer


Phil is one of those infuriating ‘talented’ people. Such is his musical virtuosity that you could probably give him a pair of spoons and he’d be able to perform a note-perfect rendition of the entirety of Wagner’s Ring Cycle from memory! People are often surprised to see in the sleeve notes and credits ‘kazoo and aimless, tuneless whistling’ against Phil’s name. This is, in fact, because to save space and paper it was decided to just list only the things he doesn’t play or do!


Now appearing in black & white at a pub near you!


Phil Beer (snoozing on the job!)

Like Steve Phil also pursues solo and collaborative projects when he’s not on the fiddle with Show of Hands. Some of his other (particularly early) works are quite different in style. We particularly enjoyed the Arizona Smoke Revue CD, which is more Alt-Country/Rock musically and includes a stonking 'barber shop quartet' rendition of the Bruce Springsteen gritty rocker 'Factory' from his classic 'Darkness On The Edge Of Town' album. As an added bonus features a piccy of Phil looking incredibly young (and 80s)! Earlier this year he was doing a solo tour of snowdrifts and pubs with no roofs, such is his dedication to live performance.

When not working as a Rock God, Phil likes to relax by sailing around the world in the Cutty Sark. A keen sailor he has taken part in the Tall Ships Race (as actual crew not a glorified passenger). This year they managed to finish second in one of the real, actual international races. He must also come in very handy in stormy weather when the crew is in need of a morale-boosting sea shanty or two.

Now we are only cuddly sheeps and hedgehogs, so if anyone actually understands this will they please explain it to us. Steve writes most of the songs ..... but then Phil pulls out all sorts of musical implements and rights most of the wrongs. Together they are definitely Show of Hands because nothing they've done solo-ly or with udders sounds like what they do together. It's kind of like the way Paul Simon's old songs never sound right unless he performs them with '& Garfunkel'. 

The Reporting Team can't bear to contemplate life without beer ..... and neither can SoH fans!

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