A Bird In The 'Hands'

Miranda Sykes

Having originally joined up when Show of Hands temporarily expanded into a ‘Big Band’ format for a series of outdoor festival performances, Miranda successfully saw off the competition to become the third member of the duo. She is either a very small person or a normal-sized person with an enormous fiddle. 

Having studied the photographic evidence of her performing alongside Steve and Phil and their apparent heights relative to each other, the Reporting Team have officially designated her as ‘The Bird With The Big Violin’!


Miranda. Either a very small lady or that’s a very big violin!


Little Miranda or big violin?

As well as being able to perform on XXL-size instruments, Miranda is also a talented vocalist with an uncanny ability to perform the girly vocal parts of the songs that Steve and Phil for some reason never quite managed to master. Her place in the Show of Hands pantheon was secured when she beat both the boys and all the audiences in the recent ‘Last One Standing In The Room Only’ tour-cum-drinking-contest!

Now, we have consulted with everyone whose opinion counts (i.e. Vile Jelly, Big Mac and Helling) and it has been unanimously agreed and decreed that Miranda is our 'weapon of choice' when it comes to hammering out the SoH classics. We have, therefore, unilaterally declared her to be a full member of Show of Hands despite what it says on the labels. All we ask in return for this is that she has a crack at Bonnie Light Horseman 'cause it's a fav ..... and someone had better record the performance when she does.

Miranda has also recorded solo works and performed with other notable (as opposed to the not-able, usually found on all major recording labels) musicians. However, despite her talent and success, she’d probably still be grateful if you offered to carry her violin case for her.

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