Helles Bells

So, after you leave Clodgy Point you are almost immediately faced with a choice. The signposted route is to hack it all the way uphill to follow the official coast path. It's technically a straighter line but it's not the most interesting option available to you.

Alternatively, follow the trail that stays right beside the edge of the cliffs. The official path takes you over Hellesveor (pronounced 'hells-veer'), the other path takes you around Hellesveor Cliffs, which is a far more interesting route but not to be recommended to vertigo sufferers.

Looking down from the heights of Hellesveor, St. Ives Bay, Cornwall It's just a tad precipitous and the long path takes you right around the edges.
The cliffs at Hellesveor, St. Ives Bay, Cornwall Mind you, the view's worth it. Just make sure you bring a change of underwear if you are of a nervous disposition! There's a few ships come to grief on those rocks (probably a few walkers too).

OK, folks, time to move on. Zennor is still a long way away.

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