Christmas Careline

Ed Care

24 December 2002 19:20

re: All the Cares

Thanks for the email re Carol and the search for the Cares.  I have sent her a note and a list of the locals with that surname.
I have been traveling a great deal since we returned from St. Ives (if you keep moving they can't hit you).  So I am finally getting around to catching up on everything.  We had a great time during our visit to the town and with you at the Sloop.  I'm finally over my disappointment at not winning the meat draw and the trip to New York. 
Let Trevor know how much we enjoyed and appreciated the tour of his workshop and the gallery.  Does he have an email address?  Our small town of Salado has a community of artists, including sculptors, as well as assorted crack pots.  We mentioned Trevor and our tour to some of them and they immediately recognized his name and the Leach Pottery.  They were much impressed that we know him.  On the other hand, no one here has ever heard of Vile Jelly (Shakespeare who?). 
We also were able to get that tour of Tre-Car house that you worked so hard to find and set up for us.  The owner knew a great deal about the history of the house.  One of her close friends is the daughter of the man who sold the land and barns to my grandfather.  We visited with her as well.  What a delight she was.
The most important reason for writing is to let you know how much the website is appreciated.  I look forward to your weekly updates and everyone's emails.  Some of my friends (who otherwise only think of St. Ives as a moisturizer) follow the goings on in the town just for the sheer entertainment you provide.  Keep up the good work.
Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year.

Vile Jelly

25 December 2002 08:46

Glad you finally managed to track down the ancestral ranch. Not having heard of or from you since before your visit I was beginning to wonder whether the residents had locked you in a cellar in an attempt to get you to divulge the whereabouts of your oil wells!
Hope your enjoying a traditional White Christmas in deepest, darkest Texas!
PS. It must be a real bummer being a turkey in the US (unless you're lucky enough to have family who can get you made President!). I mean, what are your chances of surviving both Crimbo and Thanksgiving. Pretty slim, I guess!

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